Thursday, January 22, 2015

On Eagle's Wings

Today is Spiritual Journey Thursday, a day for me to spend some time turning toward God.  Please feel free to join me on this journey each Thursday with Holly Mueller and friends.  For the next several weeks, Holly will be featuring our one little words.  Today's featured word is Fly from Michelle at One Grateful Teacher.  Thank you Michelle, for letting us fly with you this week.

I finished Gari Meachum's Spirit Hunger, and once again found inspiration for this week's post.  This book is about seeking God and feeding our Spirit hunger.  I think because we share our words each Thursday, we are all seeking God in some capacity.  Maybe we are seeking Him because we have been away awhile and need to rekindle that relationship, or we are seeking for a deeper, more meaningful relationship, or simply seeking to be with Him on a regular basis.

Just because we seek, doesn't mean our journey is easy.  Seeking is difficult for me personally, which is one of the reasons I started this blog.

Gari's last paragraph in the book says:

Spirit hunger is a lot like kite flying.  If we are willing to get in the air, we'll be carried by the Spirit's current, which is more than able to sustain us.  We don't need to be afraid of the wind of the Spirit; instead we can fly in it.  For with this sure hope, our Spirit hunger will find wings of its own, and soar. (Emphasis is mine.)

If we can just get into the air, we can fly.  I don't think this is too easy either.  Each of us go through dark times, times when we don't want or can't get into the air.  I have learned during these times God lifts us and "under his wing is where we find refuge."  ~ Psalm 91:4

One of my favorite Catholic liturgical songs is On Eagle's Wings written by Father Jan Michael Joncas and is based on Psalm 91.  Many Catholics sing this song at masses and funerals, and it is a good reminder how God raises us up on eagle's wings so that we can fly.

My prayer for all of us is that we continue
to seek Him,
to feed our Spirit hunger,
to be sustained by the Spirit's current and 
to ask God to help us fly.


  1. On Eagle's Wings is one of my favorite hymns from my childhood!!! So beautiful!!! This book you keep mentioning sounds wonderful! I love the image of kite flying and the safety of the spirit. Thank you for exploring my word this week. It's been such a gift to read about this word from so many different perspectives!!! LOVE this!

  2. How perfect that you found the kite-flying passage in your reading this week! I love how the thoughts in that passage connect so perfectly with the Psalm reference. It isn't easy to "just get into the air," but oh how we will be rewarded when we do!

  3. "Just because we seek, doesn't mean our journey is easy." Amen to this, Leigh Ann. How true this statement is. Eagle Wings I constantly seek refuge so thank you for this gift of a quote that reminds me that "under his wing is where we find refuge." Thank you for your blessing at the end of the post. Your prayer is appreciated. Fly this week, Leigh Ann so we can all turn to the Lord with your OLW next week.

  4. I didn't manage to stop by last week, but I loved the the song "On Eagle's Wings" that you shared with us. Watching it tonight brought peace at the end of a very busy day. And these words from your post are my favorite: "If we are willing to get in the air, we'll be carried by the Spirit's current, which is more than able to sustain us."