Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rise Up and Pray

Well come to our second Spiritual Journey First Thursday!  I am hosting the round-up today, and I thrilled that you are here to share about my one little word RISE.

This is my fourth year to choose a one little word, and is something I have fully embraced each year.

When I chose RISE for my OLW and "Embrace Challenges" for a monthly motto, I had no idea how it would play out so quickly in my personal life.  I began to think about God's influence in the choosing of our OLW.

Does He put those words on our lips and in our minds?  Does He place us in experiences that cause our words to choose us?

Each year that I have chosen a word, I believe He led me to those words.  This year is no exception.  Just a few days after I posted about my word, I learned that my sister had cancer.

I believe that God knew what was going to happen and led me to that word.  

I believe He knew that I was going to have to RISE for my sister.

I believe that he knew this was a challenge that I was going to have to embrace, and he wanted me to TURN toward him in these times of trial.  He wanted me to RISE up and pray.

Image from I Will Trust in You
What part has God played in the choosing of your one little word?


  1. Leigh Anne, your word is such a beautiful one that is so important at this time in your life. God has a plan for all of us and He knew that it would be in your best interest to rise up and pray. Your SJ1stT community (me included) will take your petition and hold it close to our hearts.

  2. Dear Leigh Anne - thank you for sharing about your sister. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! I have definitely felt the presence of a higher power when selecting my one little word. It reminds me of that saying: for every step you take toward God he has taken a hundred toward you. When I find my word, it feels like it was there waiting for me to stumble upon and recognize. I've been practicing one little word for 10 years now, and each word has brought comfort, inspiration... and helped me to grow. Thank you for sharing your word and thoughts with us!

  3. Leigh Anne, thanks for hosting! And I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. It is comforting, though, to apply your word RISE to that situation. One of the pictures of intercessory prayer that is stamped on my mind is from the OT, when the Israelites were fighting the Amalekites. While they fought, Moses looked on from a vantage point, and interceded with his arms raised heavenward, with help from Aaron and Hur to keep them up when he got tired. So I see a picture of you with raised arms for your sister in her battle against cancer, and all of us, with our prayers and encouragement helping you keep those arms up!

  4. Sorry to be posting so late. I forgot to link this morning and am just getting back to the house. Leigh Anne, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Rise is such a good word for the year. We wake, we rise, we stand. I'll be praying for you and your family.

  5. any battle is fought one step at a time and the only way you win is to raise one foot and put it in front ... refusing to give an inch. I know your battle... not a sister... my mother fought cancer. When she was ready to yeild I would rise to remind her of all the reasons she should fight. All battles are not fought with the sword.

  6. Rise up and pray, turn to Him in times of trial. Thanks for your wise words. Blessings to your sister and you as you help her face the challenges ahead. I love how you recognize God's hand in your life each year as you choose your word.

  7. Leigh Ann, I love it... Rise up and pray. So often we think of bowing our head, bending our knee when we think of prayer. But "rising up" is an important aspect of prayer, it's the taking hold in faith. I chose to write about your word on my post... I'm the kid that doesn't quite follow the teacher's directions... but I did write. :) Have a blessed weekend!

  8. Hello Friends in SJFT! Thank you for sharing your journey with me. Sorry to be so late. I seem to be struggling with the way this works, but I will get it. Leigh Ann, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. I will keep you and your sister in my thoughts and prayers. We are asked to rise up in many ways: to rise up and follow, to rise up singing, to rise up to help the poor, and to rise up in prayer to God. We are so blessed that God invites us to come to him in prayer.